Teach Them Anywhere

People learn better on the Pensar platform.

Create Engaging Content

Our easy to use content creator allows you to quickly and painlessly publish engaging content.

Works on the Web and Mobile Devices

View courses easily on your computer, tablet or mobile device, thanks to our fully responsive design.

Active Learning Experience

Provide an active learning experience for your users using our easy to build interactive learning modules.

Create Micro-Learning Courses

Build micro-learning courses easily with our drag and drop builder, designing bite-sized pieces so your users can learn and retain more.

Reach Specific Groups

Deliver content directly to communities of users, and monitor their progress.

Certify them

Using digital badging as well as certificates, our platform allows your constituents to share their successes in learning with others, both within the organization and online, allowing you to see who has met the criteria for volunteering with your organization or helping ensure that they have the appropriate knowledge to help others. Promoting their expertise externally strengthens your organization and shares your dedication to your cause.

Imagine a world where learning is powerful, compelling, holds your attention span, learns how you learn, and is delivered in bite-sized (ie: five-minute) chunks that adapt to your learning style dynamically.