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MOOCs Fail, But Not For the Reasons You Think They Do

Back in 2011, the rise of the MOOC was going to completely revolutionize education.  We in the ed tech world were tremendously excited by the idea that we could democratize education, and platforms like Coursera and EdX were set to … Read More

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Why Microlearning?

Many individuals are working hard to incorporate Microlearning into their various educational systems whether it be for corporate training or for formal education. But what is Microlearning, really? What is Microlearning? Microlearning is a method of teaching which involves presenting … Read More

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Grades are a bad way to measure content

Most course delivery systems measure course completions and grades, but we know this is a poor way to measure learning and retention of the content — let alone the quality of the course. Why? Because grades simply measure the success … Read More

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Opportunity for Learning in the 21st Century

Since 2000, our systems of education have unprecedented challenges and some ongoing sources of failure. We are not preparing students for the careers of the present, let alone those of the future. In K-12 education, two federal programs based on … Read More

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