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Our Team

Education and learning have always been two sides of the same coin. Where education is the endeavor to teach, usually in formal ways and a school environment; learning is the ongoing process of gaining new information and formulating knowledge, often as a result of formal schooling but also in all aspects of life. While formal education has been failing in some key ways, informal learning outside the classroom is never more important than now, and can be revolutionized with the right combination of modern learning science, technology and data science. The current and future success of our global economy and workforce depends on these advances in learning.

We, at Pensar Learning, have developed a platform for creating, delivering and optimizing learning content in the form of microcourses based on decades of learning science research. Microcourses are short in duration (5-10 minutes) and composed of segments of learning material (text, images, video) with activities and questions that both reinforce and measure the learner’s understanding frequently, with automatic feedback that holds the learner’s attention. This structure embodies learning science principles such as chunking (small, memorable pieces), active learning (frequent participation and feedback), and association (use of related information). It also encourages the use of narratives (stories with characters and specific examples) that makes learning content easier to understand and remember. With such learning science principles in use to create high-quality content, the content can be improved by applying tools from machine learning.

Our team are experts in Cognitive Science, Machine Learning, Big Data and Educational Technology bringing together an unprecedented ability to predict and transform learning at scale.

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