Compliance: Off the Shelf Isn’t Enough

Keeping your company compliant with regulations is one of the trickiest jobs in managing a business. From GDPR to Sarbanes-Oxley to Social Media policies — maintaining compliance and training employees fully is a tough job. Though off-the-shelf packages are convenient, they don’t always fully address the compliance needs of your company. Typically we close those gaps by adding our company policy and making employees sign off on it. But are we sure they really understand compliance? Do we know they will be able to use their new learning keep your company safe?

You need your employees to fully understand their compliance obligations as it relates to your business specifically. Employees frequently learn best by using examples they understand from their everyday lives. Custom training is often expensive and difficult to create. The Pensar Platform allows you to easily create custom training that is engaging for your employees, helps them to retain information, and can assess whether they truly understand their responsibilities for compliance in a way that allows you to make adjustments if they do not. They can be trained in your scenarios, and you can rest easy at night knowing that your company is protected and safe.

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